Foundation Stage

In Reception, we have designed our curriculum to meet the requirements of the EYFS framework for our pupils.

Families are supported as their child moves into full time compulsory education through information packs, face to face meetings and visits to school.

We create a nurturing, stimulating environment in the school indoor and outdoor learning areas for the children to develop physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Our children feel included, secure and valued.

We believe that language development is vital for all children. We have high aspirations and support them in developing both their expressive and receptive language skills whilst building a broad vocabulary base.

Our pupils continue their EYFS journey, as we provide opportunities to learn, develop and embed both Prime (Communication and Language, Personal and Social Development, and Physical Development) and Specific learning (Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design) skills, which are the building blocks of their future learning.

Our RE curriculum “To Know You More Clearly”, builds on the children’s experiences of family, love and the world, and supports all children in developing their own knowledge and relationship with Jesus.

We love books and utilise every opportunity to foster children’s love of stories and reading. Through Drawing Club and the Talk for Writing approach we encourage a love of story and storytelling. Across the curriculum, we use books to introduce concepts and themes, children learn to retell, respond to and create their own stories, rhymes, information texts and poems. We teach Phonics using the DFE accredited scheme Sounds Write.

Our timetable is designed to allow the opportunity for children to have extended periods of child-initiated play, ensuring that they are able to attain a deep level of learning.

Staff work with children in their focused tasks and play, interacting, challenging, questioning, giving feedback and apply their observations to future planning of teaching and learning opportunities.