Welcome to Year 6

This year is such a special time in our St John Fisher journey. We celebrate all that we have learnt and achieved, as well as how we have grown and the friendships we have made over our time in Primary School.

Throughout this year, we will prepare for the next stage of our education – Secondary School.

We understand the value of learning to be more independent and responsible. To help us in this, we will take on roles and responsibilities in our classroom and around school. We know how important it is, especially in Year 6, to set an excellent example to the other pupils in school, through our hard work and excellent behaviour.

In the Year 6 classroom, we aim to develop as friends, teammates, creators, scientists, great thinkers, explorers, mathematicians, authors, poets, musicians and artists. We will learn in a wide variety of ways including group or partner work, drama, debates as well as special themed days that link to our topics in Year 6.

This year, we will also be preparing for our SATs tests that take place in May.

Every morning, we will have English, maths and reading to develop our skills and understanding of these subjects. Our teachers will work hard to help us feel supported, prepared and confident. Their hope for us is that we will try our very best so that we can show everything we have learnt during our time at St John Fisher and be well-rounded learners.

Year 6 is a celebration of our time at St John Fisher. We will also be able to experience new and exciting things. This year we will enjoy a visit to The Briars in Advent term and there will be a special assembly, Mass and production at end of the year. We invite our school, home and parish community to celebrate with us. These events, as well as the whole of year 6, will give us special memories that we can take forward with us and carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Our learning topics in Year 6

In English, we will be covering a range of different genres of writing, learning and recapping all grammar and spelling rules as well as deepening our reading comprehension.

For Mathematics, we will recap all learning up to year 5 and focusing on reasoning and problem solving.


  • Loving
  • Vocations & Commitment
  • Judaism
  • Expectations
  • Sources
  • Unity
  • Death and New Life
  • Witnesses
  • Islam
  • Healing
  • Common Good


  • The Circulatory system
  • Forces (Revision) and Electricity
  • Light
  • Evolution and Inheritance
  • Living Things: Classification
  • Animals Including Human: RSE


  • The Victorians
  • The Early Islamic Civilisation
  • WW2


  • Canada
  • Arctic and Antarctic Circles
  • Time zones

Year 6 are taught by Mrs Blurton, Mrs Piano and Mrs Rawlins

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