“The disciple is someone who is trying each day to move from a ‘me-centred’ relationship with Christ, to one that seeks to hear and respond to what Christ may be asking of them.” Pastoral letter of Rt Rev. Patrick McKinney, our Bishop, March 2019

Through our personal encounters with Christ, we hear and respond to his invitation to be his disciples through scripture and readings from the Gospel.



To fully understand God’s mission for us all on Earth, we hear his word through scripture each week by taking part in a range of Acts of Worship.



Fr Mark, our parish priest, leads us in mass each term to celebrate with our family, friends and parishioners. These masses are planned, prepared and delivered by the children and staff of St John Fisher linked to a specific theme to encourage us to reflect on our mission as disciples of God.


Whole School Gather and Pray

Every Monday Mrs Brett or Mr Ratcliffe lead us in a whole school Gather and Pray. During this Act of Worship, we hear the scripture from Sunday’s mass and reflect on how we can live this out in our own lives throughout the week as a disciple of Christ.


Class Liturgies

At the end of each RE topic, children plan, prepare and deliver a special liturgy which concludes their learning and encourages children to reflect on the importance of sharing scripture with others.

Key Stage Gather and Pray

Every Wednesday and Thursday, KS1 and KS2 gather together to hear and respond to scripture readings from the Bible. As part of our celebrations for ‘The God Who Speaks – The Year of the Word’, each class has been focusing on scripture readings from Matthew’s Gospel across both Key Stages. These liturgies are planned, prepared and delivered by the children from each class. After each liturgy, the children get the opportunity to reflect on the words and responses they heard by completing a personal impact and evaluation.

Whole School Gather and Sing

Every two weeks, we gather together as a whole school to Gather and Sing. Each playlist links to the current theme in the Liturgical calendar and encourages children to spread the God’s message through song.

Bishop’s Themes
The Year of the Word